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    Well, if I was Saskatchewan I would be a little worried how the West Finals are about to unfold. They played April 13 against the Stealth which was no contest and then had a bye on the weekend of April 21st. So, after a 2 week layoff they played the Roughnecks last night and squeeze out a 1 goal win last night. Now, they will sit for another 2 weeks and wait to see who wins between the Mammoth and Roughnecks next weekend. Add that the final is a one and done and playing two games in a month is not a recipe for success. It's going to be interesting.
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    The Rush have to really be worried if the make the Cup finals. Of the 4 games they lost, 2 were to Rochester and 1 was to Georgia (the other was to Buffalo but they didn't make it in). I still think Rochester is the team to beat in the East and the Rush didn't beat them in 2 tries.
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    seriously? The Rush have made deep playoff runs the past 5 seasons. They manhandled everyone in the West. The Mammoth grinded thru the East until they fell flat the past month.
    I wouldn't be surprised to see the Rush cruise into the final and win a best of 3. Calgary is the Mammoth's kryptonite when it comes to the playoffs they'll likely advance. The Rush are a well oiled machine and with dismantle the Necks.
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    Not saying the Rush aren’t the best team in the NLL. However, as stated they had a 2 week layoff and only beat the Roughnecks last night by 1 goal, at home. Could have been they were a little rusty. They’re going to sit another 2 weeks. Meanwhile the winner between Calgary and Colorado will have a game under their belt and could be on a roll. Will another 2 week layoff and a one game final have them squeezing their sticks. It’s very possible.
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  5. ----

    Bwhahaha!!!I don't consider winning one goal games against other teams as "manhandling" anyone. Calgary Roughnecks have two one-goal games against the SaskRush, so quite a stretch to say that.
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    There's a few factors that aren't being taken into consideration in this debate:

    1. It was a meaningless game for the Rush. It still had meaning for Calgary as it would have improved their chances at home field advantage in the finals should they make it there.
    2. Watch the play. The Rush had a number of shots they didn't take because the one goal they wanted to accomplish in this game was getting the assists record for Matthews, which they did.
    3. The Rush had at least two guys in the lineup who won't be playing come playoffs - MacGrotty and Dawson.
    4. History - since the Rush moved to Saskatoon for the 2016 season, the head to head record against Calgary is 12-1 in favor of the Rush, including a 7-0 record at home. If you add in the preseason game with the line brawl at the end, it's 13-1 and 8-0 respectively. For the same time period against the Mammoth, the Rush's record is 11-2 overall and 6-0 at home.
    5. Those who bring up the Georgia game a few weeks ago ignore that the Rush played in Vancouver the night before and had to travel to Saskatoon the day of the Georgia game while Georgia was already waiting in Saskatoon. The Rush once again benched guys who will be playing in the playoffs while Georgia had their full lineup in a very meaningful game for them. Remember that the Rush also went into Georgia earlier this season and handled them pretty easily.
  7. It's all good, I get it, you love the SaskRush, but keep in mind their record as Edmonton Rush multiple years of wins/losses being really bad or really good, and when the Calgary Roughnecks beat them in the West Division final in 2014 to cut that winning streak of 16 - 2 that year. Yeap, the Rush are good, fairly consistent, but to chirp that they weren't worried about this past weekends' game is disingenuous! No team wants to "pad someone's stats" at the chance of a possible loss, and if it were truly a meaningless game, they might have let Carlson/Adam Shute (and rest Evan Kirk for the "important games) play for a change, or even bring out the guest goalie Tessa? Seben (sorry can't recall her first name). And after the big announcement of the Dawson deal, why wouldn't he be playing in the playoffs? You don't join a team in hopes of riding the pine while the others play on.
    Oh, and also as per Point 5 - every team has had back to backs this year (pretty well every year) so that argument of the travel time from Vancouver to Sask ( roughly 2 hr flight) and back to back weekend doesn't wash.
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    Had they not let Kirk play, he would have gone 4 weeks without a game by the time the West Finals came around. Too long of a layoff. That's why he played.

    As I stated in my initial post, Dawson was traded for as Knight had an upper body injury that left the Rush short on righties for 3 weeks with none on the practice roster. It's also not his choice to ride the pine, it's Derek Keenan's, and the fluidity of the offense has not been the same with him in it to this point. I'm speculating but I bet Knight plays in the playoffs and Dawson is the healthy scratch.

    Dawson has been with the Rush for 7 games and has been a healthy scratch for 2 of them. His point totals in those 5 games are 2 goals and 9 assists, or 2.2 points per game. Dinsdale is currently averaging 2.65 points per game and Knight is averaging 3.15 points per game. The game that Rochester won in Saskatoon, Dinsdale was the healthy scratch and the game Georgia won, Knight was the scratch.

    The Rush have average 14.7 goals per game in games where Dawson didn't play, and 12.6 goals per game where he did play. That's significant. All of it shows a pattern.

    Wrong. Calgary didn't:


    Neither did Toronto:


    And if you look at the records of team who are playing the second game of a double-header vs. a team playing their first/only game of the weekend, the record this year is 5-6. And two of those wins are Saskatchewan beating Vancouver, and Colorado beating Buffalo (the two worst teams in the league). Saskatchewan only got a 2 goal win against Vancouver that night while their other wins against Vancouver were by 6, 7 and 10 goals. And they also played in Denver the night before, which has no direct flight to Saskatoon. They had to take a 5:00 AM flight to Minneapolis, then wait for the connection to Saskatoon, get here, get through customs then get to the arena. With a weather delay, they almost missed the game and had no time to rest or have a shoot around.

    By contrast, Georgia had 5 games this year where they were playing their first/only game of the weekend and their opponent was on game 2 of a double-header. They went 4-1 in those games. Travel matters. And in the case of the Rush's loss to Georgia, it was West to East travel. East to West is manageable to a degree because you gain hours in the time zones. West to East, you lose hours. Once again, less time to rest or have a shoot around the day of.
  9. Yes, you are correct, we had a good schedule this year. Calgary Roughnecks did have two back-to-back games last year, so the league does try to adjust schedules for fairness. Some venue problems may also lead to back to back or skipped week. I see Rush played April 7/13/14 and now 28th, with bye week to May 10, so Kirk wouldn't have sat for that long, and sometimes rest is a good as change. Gotta feel for the back ups who are never getting anytime on the turf. But enough, we agree to disagree and can support our teams with passion and respect differing opinions. Best of luck heading into the finals!
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    For sure. I think the one thing you guys need to worry about this week is the status of Riley Loewen. He jacked his ankle good in the 2nd quarter against the Rush, barely made it off the field on his own and never returned to the game. He maybe doesn't show up on the scoresheet a ton but does a bunch of the dirty work so that other guys can.
  11. Saw that as well. Hope it was just a tweak or something, he has become a good fit here. Our roster is getting a little lean with recent injuries to Tyson Bell, Mike Carnegie, and Kellen LeClair having to have a second surgery as well .

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