What does Malawsky have over this team?

Discussion in 'Calgary Roughnecks Forum' started by xantis, Aug 26, 2018.

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    I know this is a few months old but I didn't see any comments on it. I just don't understand what Malawsky has over this team. Now while the article calls him the "most winningest coach in franchise history" this is more due to quantity over quality. He may have the most wins but he does have the worst win%. I just don't understand signing our worst coach to a multi year deal. Maybe they are just unable to find a replacement. But I suspect Mike Board is just clueless in what he is doing.

    This quote is just laughable.
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    with the expansion, i will bet a beer and a doughnut that these morons go with an 8 team playoff bracket.....so as in every recent year, just have to win one more than the Stealth, and come up big in one playoff game against Sask to get a crack at the title.

    maybe it is pointless to invest in upgrades:D
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    It's simple why Malawsky got an extension. He's made the playoffs in every year he's been head coach but 1.

    Plus people keep showing up to games and the Flames are likely making some money. Why tinker with that formula? It's also why Troy is still head coach in Buffalo.....it's not killing attendance (so far) and the owners are still making a profit so there's no incentive to make a change.
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    That’s how simple minded Board is in his thinking. Have four seasons in a row where you go 8-10 and make the playoffs because the Stealth is worst. I’d bounce Malawsky and hand the job to Assistant coach Rob Williams who as HC has now lead Maple Ridge Burards to the Mann Cup now for 2 times in last 3 years. Gee and he has some Roughneck players. He can get the best out of the talent, something Malawsky can’t do. Oh well, too late now.
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    Could it be.....the spammer is actually Malawsky? Trying to keep this thread from being on top? :D
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    Well, the spammers do primarily attack this particular forum every single time.....
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    That’s just too funny. Well done.
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