what makes a graduating field laxer an nll candidate?

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    i have never been one of those "damn yanks can't play the indoor game" yarn that you hear from the canucks. yes, its a different sport, its still lacrosse, but the game itself is so different on so many levels that just because you were an all-american does not make you an nll roty nominee.
    college middies are a no brainer - they can play in the nll with just a little bit of coaching.
    forwards and i gotta say look at players that use space because there is so little of it indoors. i'm not a fan of the michael jordan effect on field - too much isolate our top gun for the goal. you don't have the time to do that indoors so i need a forward that uses his feet in the box to free himself for a shot. it may get harder to find as colleges are going north to fill that hole rather than develop one of their own.
    feeding in college and feeding in box is all about confidence. what was a clear lane in college, with space in front of the runner that he can catch the ball in is not there indoor. the pass has to near his stick, but it has to be quick. if you telegraph your pass, its picked off. we really nothing to watch on film to see if a feeder has that umph in his passing skills but i do look for a player that commands the field. if he shows me the smarts, the team revolves around him, the adjustments are orchestrated by him, then there is another kevin finneran or tom carmean in the making.
    fogo - dear buffalo, more nll teams are getting fogo/tranny. get with it. but they can't be one-dimensional fogo, they need to bring something else along or else he'll be among the first to get cut at camp.
    defense is all about the feet. there is no pole that gives the sweep to control more space than you can with your feet. so slow footed poles should stay in the mll. but a pole that shows great reaction time, works within a unit rather than standing out and leaving his other backliners holding the bag cleaning up for his aggression - back to the nadalen comments in the other thread - would make me consider him for the nll.
    goalie and its like how in the hell do you pick. the best reflex goalie i've seen was tilman johnson at uva although for mental toughness there was docherty - who spent a winter or two with the wings as a 3rd stringer - cattrano - impressive rookie year w/ the ny saints after locasio went down they were 1-game short of a playoff run - you don't see that in the stat sheet. field laxers stop the ball with their stick, box guys let the their body take the abuse. also, inflating your goalie stat by playing behind a great defense is also a problem regarding evaluation. umass doc schneider was maybe the last bigtime ncaa galie i thought could play indoors. basically, i wouldn't even try drafting and whoever shows up in camp as a f/a is fine by me.
    ok, that is a fan's agenda. you play with these guys...can you tell me who do you think has a box mentality within a field game? and what is your logic.
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