What's everyone listening to these days?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Forum' started by sslaxfan, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. sslaxfan

    sslaxfan New Member

    Last week I had my first taste of the new Buckcherry cd called `15'. The song I heard is a raunchy, rockin' number called `Crazy Bitch' and has been stuck in my head ever since. I must confess I'd never heard of them before last week but as I am prone to do I went out and bought the cd in hopes that the rest would be just as good. THIS CD ROCKS!!! It rocks from the first note straight through to the last note. The style is a kinda Black Crows/Aerosmith fusion and the vocals are a mix somewhere between Steve Tyler and Bonn Scott. There is not one bad song on the whole cd. This was the best $15 I've spent in a long time!

    So, what's everyone else listening to these days?
  2. MHowe

    MHowe Member

    I know Crazy Bitch because I listen to it on Sirius. I had one of my friends get the buckchrry CD and said it was awesome im gonna have to go out and get it now.
  3. trooper

    trooper New Member

    You like WHAT?


    I sure didn't picture you to like a song like that! I do have to admit it is a good song and now its in my head. . . . Thanks! They are just starting to play Crazy Bitch on a station here. Radio in Philly bites the big . . . . well you know. ;)

    I'm psyched for the new Godsmack CD that is coming out today. If Speak is any indication of how the rest of the CD is going to be like, I'm hooked already.
  4. RyanP

    RyanP Active Member

    I love Sirius and "Crazy Bitch"....The coolest thing about Sirius (other than Howard) is you hear soooo much music you could never hear on FM.
  5. gmbjr

    gmbjr Banned

    New Godsmack?

    I didn't know.... :)
  6. scott15

    scott15 New Member



    My Morning Jacket, Ryan Adams, Raconteurs, QOTSA, The National, Modest Mouse, Sonic Youth and whatever is on "Left of Center" on Sirius.
  7. MacRazor

    MacRazor New Member

    Bahh on Sirius. XM has it all baby! Liquid Metal is back and it's wayyy sick! :D

    And O&A kicks Sterns ***!
  8. Meathead25

    Meathead25 New Member

    Crystal Method, Junkie XL, Propellerheads, U2, Cake, and Jack-FM 92.5. :D
  9. RyanP

    RyanP Active Member

    :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

    Thats a good one....
  10. trooper

    trooper New Member

    Yes, its due out next Tuesday. I was looking at the wrong week.

    #1 reason why the radio stations are better in New York and upstate PA, they play the new Buckcherry and Godsmack on a regular basis. :D
  11. MHowe

    MHowe Member

    well does xm have playboy radio I dont think so there. that is probally like one of my fav chanells lol
  12. Canadan

    Canadan New Member

    CFNY 102.1 The Edge for this guy, since 1988. I heard the new TOOL song on Tuesday. It's seven minutes long and it's, IMO, one of their best efforts ever. I'm also into Canadian music such as Sam Roberts, Broken Social Scene, Billy Talent, Arcade Fire, Metric, etc....

  13. RyanP

    RyanP Active Member

    XM did have playboy radio, but dropped it. Check out Afternoon Advice 2-5 everyday, with Tiffany. Its pretty funny.
  14. AmyTBF

    AmyTBF New Member

    Johnny Cash.
  15. sslaxfan

    sslaxfan New Member

    Yah, this old broad is full of surprises ;)
    If you looked at my music collection you'd assume it belongs to 3 or 4 different people! Nickleback, Matchbox 20, Train, Hedley, Collective Soul, Oasis, Kid Rock, Uncle Kracker, Bette Midler, Billy Holiday, Allan Jackson, Patty Loveless and most recently Buckcherry!

    I've been discovering a lot of new(new to me anyway)music on a St Catherines station called 97.7 HTZ FM. We play that station in the car when we're down in that area and really enjoy it.
  16. toros_00

    toros_00 Moderator

    I like to a lot of dance music by DJ Benni B, DJ Scooter, DJ Tiesto, DJ Danny D, and groups like Cascada.
  17. TheRockMan

    TheRockMan Active Member

    Same Here Toros

    Ive been a Euro Dance fan for years

    Love the Street Mix with the Hammer and DJ DANNY D!

    I even took Tony Monaco to the All Star Game.
  18. ThunderTim

    ThunderTim New Member

    My boys Live new album is coming out soon and there first song The River is being played on some stations. I heard a few of the other songs when they played Baltimore awhile back.
  19. mtbf

    mtbf Well-Known Member

  20. swami24

    swami24 Well-Known Member

    Will someone please tell Shakira that she is a one hit wonder, maybe then she go away, doing the entire music world a favor.

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