What's Wrong With The Roighnecks?

Discussion in 'Calgary Roughnecks Forum' started by New Fan, Mar 18, 2017.

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    So, the Necks are in last place in the West with a 4-8 record a spot that isn't were they usually are this time in the season. Lots of comments that the head coach needs to go, but even after back to back thrashings by the Rock and Swarm and that's not happening. With the Calgary Flames, who own the Necks, doing so well in the NHL have the Necks been forgotten. Not a single article in the paper last Sunday after the loss to the Rock, no press before or after last nights game against the Swarm. What's up in Roughneck land and why is the team so bad????

    ps. Sorry about the spelling of Roughnecks in the title. Not sure how to correct it.
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  3. Wow. Marry me Teddy Jenner!!! What an insightful lacrosse insider he is! Loved listening to his podcasts, even though this one made me sad, as I am feeling demoralized for my Roughnecks! Sounds like some talk is happening, and lets hope for a new head coach ASAP - heck I'd do for free for the rest of this year, just to change the mojo on the bench. Great insight. Interesting about hearing " team unwilling to promote from within "- don't like the sound of that as would love to see McBride and some home town boys coaching, or how about Teddy Jenner himself?!?!?!
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    Always enjoy hearing Teddy Jenner. His interview with Mike Board was interesting. Listening to him only makes me wonder how the guy is a GM. My only disappointment in his interview with Mike Board was not addressing the tough question which should have been asked in is coaching a problem that is resulting in a losing record. Jenner talked later about a change in Calgary, but never a direct question to Mike Board.

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