when pro lax trade players without caring about who plays with who

Discussion in 'MLL Forum' started by dougm, May 4, 2015.

  1. dougm

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  2. IHS

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    I think Soudo did well with this for Roc. Miles was expendable esp. getting Kevin Rice and knowing that Matthews is coming after the NLL winds down. If getting Miles helps Fla., good for them, but with Casey living there full time, that should translate into better attendance than it has...
  3. Hollywood42

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    the launch play in boca raton. ive been there its full of gated communities and retirees . i dont know how the mll exists with such poor attendance figures leaguewide
  4. IHS

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    The only thing that makes sense is the corporate league sponsors. You have maybe 4 teams attendance wise that belong. The other 4 have to be carried. Really makes the league feel like a beer league, despite these being the best field players on the planet...
  5. rochesterian80

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    Yeah, this year there's a very clear top four and bottom four. And even Boston, Chesapeake and Denver aren't pulling their normal numbers. Rochester's last second move to a distance suburb (at a D3 college stadium) clearly killed the bit of momentum they began to gain towards the end of last season. Florida and Ohio continue to struggle and Charlotte appears to have really fallen off. Not a strong start to the season.

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