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Discussion in 'Off-topic Forum' started by Tank, Mar 12, 2003.

  1. Tank

    Tank New Member

    How about a little something to get to know everybody better here on these boards. It'll go something like this:

    Name: Brian

    Age: 17 when the 'Necks play the Rebel

    From: Calgary, Alberta

    Favorite Lacrosse Players: Kaleb Toth, Pat Coyle, Tyson Leies

    Favorite (non-lacrosse) athletes: Jarome Iginla, Ryan Smyth, Mike Michaelchuck, Natasza Zurek

    Occupation: Student

    Hobbies: lacrosse, hockey, snowboarding, you know.stuff...

    Favorite Beer: I don't drink beer. I am not yet of legal age :D

    Favorite Bands/Groups/Singers: Misfits, Gob, NOFX, Bouncing Souls, Flogging Molly etc.
  2. Hooligan

    Hooligan Average Joe Millionaire

    Well, thats what the profile is for, but what the hell...I'll play along. None of these questions are that invasive!:rotfl:

    Name: Matt

    Age: 25 (all year long)

    From: Souderton, Pa.

    Favorite Lacrosse Players: Tom Phair (duh), Jim Veltman, Dallas Eliuk

    Favorite Non-lacrosse Athletes: Pat Burrell, Lenny Dykstra, Mike Schmidt

    Occupation: teacher (who needs a class)

    Hobbies: Baseball, lacrosse (can't play though), Racing....whatever sparks my interest at the time.

    Favorite beer: when I can afford it, BASS!!!!!:D

    Favorite bands/groups/singers: Soundgarden, Frank Black, Audio Slave
  3. Campy

    Campy New Member

    Name: Aaron C.

    Age: 19

    From: Niagara Falls, Ontario

    Favorite Lacrosse Players: John Tavares, Ken Millin

    Favorite Non-lacrosse Athletes: Drew Bledsoe, Saku Koivu, Kobe Bryant.

    Occupation: University Student

    Hobbies: lax, hockey, baseball, having fun.

    Favorite beer: Molson Export, Rickard's Red.

    Favorite bands/groups/singers: Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Ozzy.
  4. PghBullsGirl

    PghBullsGirl New Member

    What the heck...
    Name: Lisa

    Age: 18 with 22 years experience

    From: Glen Burnie, MD

    Favorite Lacrosse Players: of all time - Dave Pietramala

    currently - Hugh Donovan, Brian Reese, Johnny Gallant, Erik Miller, Jeff Wills, I could go on.......

    Favorite Non-lacrosse Athletes: There are other sports?

    Occupation: associate chemist

    Hobbies: whatver the Little LAX-er is up to, right now it's Cub Scouts & lacrosse, keeping MFF busy keeping me outta trouble

    Favorite beer: hmm I will drink beer....but Jack & Coke or Jagrmeister are more my style

    Favorite bands/groups/singers: KISS; NIN; TOOL; but my fav right now is RIGHT FOOT RED outta Baltimore - LOVE YOU GUYS! well....RFR is OFF my Xmas card list....thank goodness my lax players don't treat their # 1 fan like RFR did...... heading to Aerosmith / Kiss with MFF......
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  5. Krewman

    Krewman New Member

    I'm in

    Name: David

    Age: 29

    From: Rochester, NY USA

    Favorite lacrosse players: Pretty much players that worn the Khawks jersey:D

    Favorite non-lacrosse players: Derek Jeter, Cal Ripkin Jr.

    Hobbies: Bowling, Golf, Swimming(uesd to be a lifeguard)

    Favorite beer: as long it's cold and wet, i'll drink it, but I'm a Captian Morgan and Coke drinker

    Favorite band(s): Dave Matthews Band, Police, Peter Gabriel, Hootie & the Blowfish, Sting, and the one and only..........
    Frank Sinatra
  6. hawksfan

    hawksfan New Member

    Name: Nicole

    Age: 31

    From: good ole Delhi, NY, currently Rochester

    Favorite lacrosse players: all my Knighthawks

    Favorite non lacrosse players: all my NY Giants

    hobbies: updating my new house, golf, partying

    favorite beers: Honey Brown (believe it or not) and Sam Adams Light (yes the commercials are true)

    favorite band: U2, U2, U2, although my CD collection is full of all types of music. Did I mention that I love U2????
  7. cololax

    cololax Member

    Why Not

    Name: Steve

    Age. 26

    From: Thornton, Colorado

    Favorite Lax Players: Gary Gait, Erik Miller, Corey Quinn, Hugh Donovan, Goalies, etc.

    Favorite Non_Lacrosse Players: Terrell Davis, Patrick Roy, Ryan Sandberg(retired), Adam Foote, Joe Sakic

    Hobbies: Bar hoping, lacrosse, hockey, football, traveling.

    Favorite Beer: Molson Export, Icehouse

    Favorite Band(s): Godsmack, G n' R, Rammstein. Henry Rollins, Disturbed, Staind, System of a Down
  8. KhawkCruisin

    KhawkCruisin Moderator

    Why Not

    Name: Jennifer

    Age: 32

    From: Rochester, NY

    Favorite Lacrosse Players: Steve Penny & the Knighthawks and Corey Quinn

    Favorite (non-lacrosse) athletes: I can't think of one

    Occupation: Web Support

    Hobbies: Lacrosse, Equestrian

    Favorite Beer: Only when I'm drunk...Labatt's Blue But Kamakazie's (sp) and Tequila Rose

    Favorite Bands/Groups/Singers: So many!! Creed, and Classic Rockers
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  9. Meathead25

    Meathead25 New Member

    Name: Aaron

    Age: Older than the gold in them thar hills...just kidding...28

    From: Scarberia, Ontario

    Favorite Lacrosse Players: Pat Coyle, Bob Watson, Corey Quinn, John Tavares

    Favorite (non-lacrosse) athletes: Tie Domi (duh...), Doug Gilmour (woo-hoo! Dougie's back and there's gonna be trouble...hey-na, hey-na, Dougie's back...), Jesse James

    Occupation: Money-grubbing weasel

    Hobbies: lacrosse, hockey, movies, beer, women

    Favorite Beer: Molson Export

    Favorite Bands/Groups/Singers: Moby, Apollo 440, Junkie XL, Sarah MacLachlan, Stevie Nicks, George Thorogood, Eric Burtona nd the Animals, Michael Burgess, Meat Beat Manifesto, Rob Zombie, John Williams
  10. Wingsfan9042

    Wingsfan9042 New Member

    Name: Walt

    Age: 21

    From: Perkasie, PA

    Favorite Lacrosse Players: Ratcliffe, Eliuk, Marechek, Ryan Traynor, Gary Gait, Steve Toll

    Favorite (non-lacrosse) athletes: Eric Freakin Lindros

    Occupation: Pool Guy

    Hobbies: Wrestling, Lacrosse, Hockey, Sleep, Making fun of Bandit Fans

    Favorite Beer: Yuengling

    Favorite Bands/Groups/Singers: SUBLIME! Evanescence, WWE and ECW Wrestling Themes (I guess that would go under "Jim Johnston")
  11. Mr Boo

    Mr Boo Well-Known Member

    Name: Graeme

    Age: 33

    From: Pickering, Ontario

    Favorite lacrosse players: Blaine Manning, Jim Veltman, Gary & Paul Gait, Stevie Toll

    Favorite non-lacrosse players: Cal Ripken, Joe Carter, Luc Robitaille (don't know why, just always liked him), Mats Sundin

    Occupation: Software developer

    Hobbies: My kids, lacrosse (watching! Wish I could play), hockey (watching! Wish I could play), golf (playing! Wish I could watch :rolleyes: )

    Favorite beer: Rickards Red, Canadian, Sleeman Honey Brown

    Favorite band(s): Everything from Blue Rodeo and Sarah McLachlan to Tool and Metallica - lots of Audioslave, Alice in Chains and the Hip lately
  12. Fantasmic

    Fantasmic New Member

    Name: Tom

    Age: 36

    From: Shamong, NJ (near Medford)

    Favorite lacrosse players: tie - Tom Marechek, Mark Millon

    Favorite non-lacrosse players: don't really have any favorites.

    Occupation: newly unemployed engineering tech :(

    Hobbies: sound engineer/tech, skeet shooting, target shooting

    Favorite beer: I'm not really into beer, too salty (I have a huge sweet tooth).

    Favorite all time band: Boston

    Other Bands: RUSH, The Eagles, Pink Floyd, Lynrd Skynrd, Metallica, Journey, etc
  13. Jackal

    Jackal New Member

    The newbie on the boards..

    Name: Lou

    Age: 25

    From: Oakville, Ontario

    Favorite Lacrosse Players: Pick a goalie, any goalie. Next to them: Jim Moss.

    Favorite (non-lacrosse) athletes:Theres athletes that don't play lacrosse????

    Occupation: Warehousing

    Hobbies: lacrosse, parties, lacrosse, writing, lacrosse..

    Favorite Beer: Molson Export, Keiths IPA, name a Scottish import!

    Favorite Bands/Groups/Singers: Peter Murphy, NIN, Rammstein, The Cult, Cocteau Twins, The Smiths, Sisters of Mercy, Christian Death.. and on and on and on..

  14. Canadan

    Canadan New Member

    WHY NOT!!!

    Name: Dan

    Age: 42 (it's only a number)!!!

    From: Toronto, ON

    Favourite Lacrosse Players: Bob Watson, Steve Toll, Rob Blasdell, Gee Nash, Matt Disher, Dwight Maetche, Anthony Cosmo, all of the Brooklin Redmen

    Favourite Non-Lacrosse Players: Damon Allen, Anthony Calvillo, Mike "Pinball" Clemons, Simon Whitfield, Daniel Nestor.

    Occupation: Manufacturing (full time)/ Produce Clerk (part time)

    Hobbies: Collecting football memorabilia, and now NLL jerseys, playing a bit of lax sometimes, indoor ball hockey, and collecting rare 80's alternative MP3's

    Favourite Beer: I don't drink alcohol at all, but it used to be Labatt Ice :D

    Favourite Bands: 1. Any 80's alternative artists
    2. Beck, Sloan, Oasis, Bush, Our Lady Peace, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Everclear, Smashing Pumpkins, etc....
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  15. rnsykes

    rnsykes Active Member

    Name: Bob
    Age: 25
    From: Pitman NJ
    Favorite lacrosse Players: Dallas Eliuk, Jeff Ratcliffe
    Favorite Non Lacrosse Atheletes: ??? you lost me on that one
    Occupation: Landscape Architect
    Hobbies: Surfing, Driving, Building houses
    Favorite Beer: Yuengling Lager
    Favorite Bands: The Who, The Doors, Paul Mcartney, Godsmack(don't ask).
  16. Eliuk's_Angel

    Eliuk's_Angel New Member

    Name: Jessica

    Age: 21

    From: Harleysville, PA

    Favorite Lax player(s): Dallas Eliuk, Jeff Spano, Dave Stilley

    Favorite non-Lax player(s): Brett Favre, Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith

    Occupation: Professional student :D

    Hobbies: Lacrosse, hanging with friends, picking on PhairIsGod!!!

    Favorite beer: umm, don't like beer, but I'll take Daquiris and Mudslides anytime!

    Favorite bands: Where to start??? Good Charlotte, Fuel, Metallica, Eminem, Disturbed, The Who, and when I am really in the mood, Nat King Cole. What a variety!!!!!
  17. mvander

    mvander New Member

    I know this was done yestersay but I missed it so I thought I'd do it anyway

    Name: Michelle
    Age: 21

    From: Mickleton, NJ

    Favorite Lax player(s): Jeff Ratcliffe, Drew Candy, Tom Marechek, and of course Dallas Eliuk

    Favorite non-Lax player(s): Alex Rodriguez (nice butt)

    Occupation: student, manager of retail store

    Hobbies: Lacrosse, hanging with friends, drinking with friends

    Favorite beer: Yeungling (sp?)

    Favorite bands: Where to start??? Fuel, Eminem, Disturbed, the Donna's, Godsmack, and yes even a little country every now and then *everyone can stop laughing now*
  18. terreri31

    terreri31 New Member

    Name: Henry
    Age: 20
    From: E. Philly (you say an east philly doesnt exist? then how is there a north south and west philly?)
    Favorite Lax Players: Dallas, Ryan, Hollywood
    Favorite Non-Lax:
    NHL: TERRERI IS GOD!!!!!!!!!!!
    AHL: TERRERI IS GOD!!!!!!!!(Assistant coach on the river rats)
    Nascar: Dale Earnhardt God rest his soul
    Baseball: Abreu, Eisenreich (yeah i know hes retired), Padilla
    Football: Jerome Bettis, Hines Ward, Akers, Koy Detmer
    Bull Riding: Owen Washburn
    Occupation: Student at LaSalle U., home of the worst basketball team in the Big 5
    Hobbies: working on my grand prix, playing goalie (hockey), baseball, watching movies, and best of all, the lost are of Cruisin'
    Favorite Beer: Dont drink, im drunk on life
    Favorite bands (ill just a few from each genre):
    Alt Rock: Everclear, Oasism REM
    Punk: Dropkick Murphys, Pennywise, Offspring
    Ska: LTJ, NOFX, Strung Out, Bruce Lee Band
    Country: Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson
    Metal: Metallica, Iron Maiden, Motorhead
    Country/Metal/Hardcore: only one band exists like this...Nashville Pussy
    Hard Rock/Metal: Rollins Band, Cinder, P5k, Static X
    Blues: BB King
    Jazz: Satchmo L. Armstrong
    Classical: Copeland, Chopin
    Favorite God: God
  19. Canadan

    Canadan New Member

    Hopefully someone will post who is older than me. I don't want to be the "elder statesman" in this thread....Help me out here people!!!:D
  20. Imo

    Imo New Member

    Name: Irene

    Age: 26

    From: Montreal, QC

    Favorite Lacrosse Players: Any former Express player.

    Favorite (non-lacrosse) athletes: I got lots of 'em... especially Tim Raines, Vladdy Guerrero, Javier Vasquez, Brad Wilkerson, Saku Koivu, Sheldon Souray, Ben Cahoon, Sylvain Girard, Andre Agassi, Guga Kuerten, Beckie Scott, Clara Hughes and Cynthia Phaneuf.

    Occupation: University Student (but graduating soon!!! yay!!!)

    Hobbies: skating, web design, piano, roadtrips, and watching baseball, lacrosse, hockey, CFL, tennis... well, I'll just say watching sports.

    Favorite Beer: I don't really drink all that often, but... Brutopia's Raspberry Blonde or Molson Dry.

    Favorite Bands/Groups/Singers: More or Les, Rufus Wainwright, Tragically Hip, Soul Coughing, Leonard Cohen... pretty much anything.

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