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Wingszone Roll Call

Discussion in 'Off-topic Forum' started by Tank, Mar 12, 2003.

  1. RockStar

    RockStar Well-Known Member

    Name: Mike

    Age: 28

    From: Scarborough,

    Favorite Lacrosse Players: Toll, Veltman, Coyle, assorted Sandersons

    Favorite (non-lacrosse) athletes: Tiger Williams, Tie Domi, Wade Belak, Dave Semenko, John Kordic, etc.

    Occupation: engineer

    Hobbies: lacrosse, sex, drugs, rock and roll

    Favorite Beer: Does whisky count as beer?

    Favorite Bands: Black Sabbath and Motörhead - Lemmy is God, and Ozzy is his prophet.
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  2. DaveatNLLLax

    DaveatNLLLax Active Member

    I got ya covered Canadan!!!

    Name: Dave

    Age: Will be 42 very soon

    From: Beautiful downtown Hancock's Bridge, NJ, home to the second largest nuclear power plant in the USA!

    Favorite Lacrosse Players (old school): Paul Suggate, John Grant Sr., John Davis, Gaylord Powless, Dave Wilfong, the Lloyd brothers, Carm Collins, Rick Dudley, Wayne Platt, Zeny Lipinski......the list could go on and on.

    Favorite Lacrosse Players (new school): Jake Bergey, Dallas Eliuk, John Tavares, Gary Gait, Jeff Radcliffe.

    Favorite Non-Lacrosse Athletes: JSap, RA, Bandit, KrewMan, MacRazor, PhairisGod, SassyGirl, Dickie1, Stomper, Mogul, baggy, RockStar, MeatHead, Canadan, BigDave, Walt, Abel Lutz.....just to name a few!

    Occupation: Quality Assurance/MCSE

    Favorite Beer: anything cold and wet, or for that matter, anything hot and wet!(leaves the blank for Mogul to fill in)

    Favorite website:

    Favorite Bands: AC/DC, Chicago, Edgar Winter Group, Blood, Sweat and Tears, Stephenwolf, Kansas, Blue Oyster Cult, Rush, Parliment/Funkadelic, Dizzy Gillespie, The Cat Herman Band and Mere Image Project!

    Favorite Foods: Critter Fritters, Raccoon on a stick, Muskrat-deep fired and fried au jus.

    Quote for the day: If it feels alot like Aladdin's lamp, give it a rub!
  3. RockStar

    RockStar Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the props, Dave....although, I would not consider us non-lacrosse athletes.

    I think "lacrosse non-athletes" is more à propos. Hope you can make a trip to Buffalo to see us make asses of ourselves during this year's version of the Fann Cup.
  4. Hooligan

    Hooligan Average Joe Millionaire

    Yak yak yak, just pass the Critter Fritters....and gimme some Racoon on a Stick! ~yum yummy~
  5. sassygrl72

    sassygrl72 Active Member

    I got props! That is so cool! :cool:
  6. Xpress4ever

    Xpress4ever New Member

    Name: RJ

    Age: 22

    From: Montreal, QC

    Favorite Lacrosse Players: All ex-Express

    Favorite (non-lacrosse) athletes: Mike "The Tank" Mintenko, Jenny Thompson, Ian Thorpe (they're swimmers)

    Occupation: Student

    Hobbies: Sleeping, eating... If only the two could be combined :D

    Favorite Beer: I don't know, they're all pretty bad. Gimme a Smirnoff Ice

    Favorite Band: I like just about anything, although I have been listening to The Tragically Hip a lot lately
  7. Citrus

    Citrus New Member

    Here's my chips

    Name: Brian

    Age 31

    From: Brooklyn, NY (I hopped across the bridge to get an apartment. :) )

    Favorite laxers: Nash, Eliuk, Doug Shanahan, Pat McCabe (miss him on the floor...), Gordon Purdie

    Favorite other athletes: Mark Bavaro, Phil Simms, Tiki Barber, really anyone wearing Giant Blue, Kurt Warner, Mike Richter, Mark Messier, Brian Leetch, Anson Carter (always loved the dreads poking out the sides of the helmet, now he's a Ranger, too!), Teresa Witherspoon

    Occupation: Computer programmer

    Hobbies: Lacrosse - of course (you haven't experienced it until you've played it), cookery
    [It's odd having to decide between buying a titanium shaft and a steel chef's knife...]

    Favorite beverage: Coca-cola (the real thing, baby!). I don't do alcohol.

    Favorite musicians: Rush, Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson.

    LEAST Favorite musicians: System of a Down (any band that makes me agree with Noel Gallagher about anything deserves to be called out explicitly), Beatles, Doors.
  8. Dickie1

    Dickie1 New Member

    Name: Rich

    Age: 25

    From: Calgary, Alberta

    Favorite Lacrosse Players: Don't have a favorite

    Favorite (non-lacrosse) athletes: Michael Vick, Karl Malone

    Occupation: Insurance Agent

    Hobbies: Love sports, especially football. September through January are my favorite months.

    Favorite Beer: Miller Lite is the usual, but I drink anything.

    Favorite Bands/Groups/Singers: I like Chicago, Eminem, and everything in between. My favorite time in music, though, was the early 90's, when rap and hip hop were at their best. Great time, great memories.
  9. sassygrl72

    sassygrl72 Active Member

    Peer Pressure

    Name: Jennifer

    Age: 30

    From: Philadelphia suburbs

    Favorite Lacrosse Players: Jeff Ratcliff, Paul Cantabene, was once Kevin Finneran - but now he is my favorite to dislike strongly ;)

    Favorite (non-lacrosse): A.J. Feely (so darn cute), Dr. J (he is a classic), and Eric Snow (not sure why, but I like something about him)

    Occupation: When I have a job, I do QA for software and internet companies.

    Hobbies: surfing the net, listening to music, reading, playing video games, watching tv, writing thank you cards from my wedding which was six months ago, working on my wedding/honeymoon scrapebook.

    Favorite Beer: Aside from some black forest beer that I had in Niagara Falls, NY (at the Hard Rock Cafe), and a Ginger beer from Trinadad, beer is gross. I like vodka and V8, malibu and five alive (pretty much malibu and any juice), hard cider, hard lemonade, wine, and margaritas. And whenever possible, I prefer my alcohol to come from outside of the U.S.

    Favorite Bands/Groups/Singers: I can't even start to list them all. Basically, I like everything except country. My CD rack is rather eclectic.
  10. BigDave

    BigDave Active Member

    Here to help Canadan....

    Name: Dave

    Age: 44 (there ya go Canadan)

    From: Buffalo (where ideas come to die)

    Favorite Lacrosse Player: Dwight Maetche

    Non-Lacrosse: Is there one?

    Occupation: Looking at parts

    Hobbies: Lacrosse, Drag Racing affecionado, Lap Dancing connosseur, General Pain in the Ass

    Favorite Beer: yuk!

    Favorite Band: Sonic Death Monkey
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2003
  11. mafunsalow

    mafunsalow New Member

    Name: Tom

    Age: Getting ready for my 43rd (BigDave got the Geritol off Canadan before me :rotfl:

    From: Bristol, Pa

    Favorite Lacrosse Players: Never seen lacrosse until 5 years ago. Marachek pulled the d and goalie on a fake then behind the back goal.Dallas made saves in positions I wish my gf could do! And bam !! I'm hooked. So I am not an efficianado but I do love to watch Hollywood, Dallas, Panos and Toll

    Favorite (non-lacrosse) athletes: Michael Schumacher,Annika Sorenstam, Tikki Barber, Ryan Giggs

    Occupation: I wear a toolbelt, I fix and build things and I show lotta buttcrack.. hmm guess that makes me maintenance man

    Hobbies: hitting a little white ball as far away from a hole as possible

    Favorite Beer: Guinness is NOT beer.. but tis my favorite as long as it's colder than an Ididarod husky's nutsack.. else I'll have a JD &Coke

    Favorite Bands/Groups/Singers: Lynyrd Skynyrd, Queen, John Valby, Stephen Lynch almost all 60's and 70's rock
  12. Hopkins45

    Hopkins45 New Member

    Name: Dave Age:40 Town: Newark, DE. Favorite lax players: Mark Millon, Dallas Eliuk, Tom Merechek, Trevor Teirney, Tillman Johnson, Mike Springer,Mike powell, John Christmas, Kevin Cassese, Ryan Metzbower, Bobby Benson and the rest of the Bluejays. Favorite Non-lax athlete: Joe Namath and any Jets, Also any Isles,also snowboarders Sawn White and Ross Powers. Occupation:Banker,future teacher Hobbies: LAX IN a Big way, studying Civil War History & reenacting. Yuengling, Guiness, Corona. Favorite Bands: Metallica, Tool, AcDC, God Smack, Pearl Jam, Van Halen. I'll add some catagories, Favorite Foods: Seafood and steak. Favorite movies:eek:f course Gods& Generals,Tombstone, Private Ryan, Rudy. Favorite Books: anything related to the Civil War
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 16, 2003
  13. Wingsfan9042

    Wingsfan9042 New Member

    Re: I got ya covered Canadan!!!

    Dave.. you're the man... Im just wondering how the hell Mac's name is higher then mine in your list... what's that you say? The list was in reverse-favorite order?? Ah, Ok.. thats great!

  14. judge death

    judge death New Member

    name: Anthony
    age: 35
    from: North Vancouver
    fav lax player: both gaits/stroup/doyle/veltman/gill
    fav non lax: all AFL players
    hobbies: lax/comic books/spawn toys/ xbox games
    occupation:full time parent/mini tyke lax coach
    fav beer: any shaftsbury/steinlager/keiths ipa
    fav bands:dead kennedys/circle jerks bad religion/nofx/golers/side67/rancid any and all punk /ska /hardcore
  15. Katwest 1

    Katwest 1 New Member

    Name: Katriena
    Age: oh.... about as old as dirt... :rotfl:

    actually it is 31!

    Favorite Lax player... ummmm... none as of yet... I am a 'virgin' lax fan!

    Favorite non lax player.... uhmmmm can u say Dougie Gilmour???
    then there is Wayne Gretzky....

    Hobbies: hmmm.... kids.. movies ahh... Lacrosse!!!

    Occupation: data entry clerk

    Favorite Beer: Root!

    Favorite band: Creed.... the Hip... Treble Charger..... :rotfl:
    Last edited by a moderator: May 12, 2003
  16. AlbanyFirelaxer

    AlbanyFirelaxer New Member

    Name: Joe

    Age: 22

    Favorite Lax Players: Jim Moss, Rusty Kruger, Tom Marechek, and Kaleb Toth

    Favorite Non-Lax Players: Chris Pronger, Ricky Williams, and Brad Penny

    Hobbies: Lax (Watching, Playing, Arguing About, Going To, Drinking At, Drinking After, Yelling At NLL Refs, Yelling At John Tavares)

    Occupation: Senior at Bryant College

    Favorite Beer: Killian's

    Favorite Band: Poison, Iced Earth, and Collective Soul
  17. newlaxfan2

    newlaxfan2 New Member

    Name: Suzanne

    Age: 40

    Favorite Lax Players: Glenn Clark, Steve Toll, Bob Watson, Jim Veltman, Anthony Cosmo, Blaine Manning

    Favorite Non-Lax Athletes: Kurt Browning, Hayley Wickenheiser

    Hobbies: Lacrosse (watching and attempting to play), playing hockey, watching figure skating, doing jigsaw puzzles, playing tennis ...

    Occupation: High school teacher and guidance counsellor

    Favorite Beer: Rarely drink beer, but if I do it's Guinness. Typically my alcoholic beverages of choice are Mike's Cranberry, or gin and ginger.

    Favorite Bands: Blue Rodeo, Great Big Sea, Leahy, Jesse Cook, Natalie McMaster
  18. Tank

    Tank New Member

    Were you visiting earlier in the year then :D

    Attached Files:

  19. gctales

    gctales New Member

    Here Goes

    Name: Glen

    Age: 33

    From: Doylestown, PA

    Favorite Lacrosse Players: Dallas, Dallas, Dallas, Bergey, Gait, Finneran,

    Favorite (non-lacrosse) athletes: There is a sport besides lacrosse? David Duval, Mark Recci, (Peter Holmberg / Paul Cayard / Dennis Conner)

    Occupation: Sales Manager (hyperbaric chambers)

    Hobbies: lacrosse (used to play in college, now watch and toss), Skiing, Golf, Scuba Diving, Sailing, my son (the future lacrosse great all-American from Syracuse 1st round pick in the 2021 draft for the Wings.... # 6... Ethan....!!!!!:D ) (No pressure on him, right?)

    Favorite Beer: BASS & Yuengling :drunk: (least favorite: Piels premium draft in any form :( )

    Favorite Bands/Groups/Singers: Wide range from Genesis, Sting, Pink Floyd to Metallica, Ozzy to Classical (Mozart, Stravinsky, Bethoven, Chopan, Coplin, etc) to Buffet to Bob Marley. Rap is about the only type of music I don't enjoy.

    edit... correction to remove Marley as rap reference. (Thanks for reminding me Sassy - fri morn brain dead - only 1 cup of cofee and into the 3rd meeting)
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 21, 2003
  20. sassygrl72

    sassygrl72 Active Member

    Marley is NOT rap. He is (was) Reggae.

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