wla barns better to play in?

Discussion in 'BCLA Forum' started by dougm, Jul 5, 2015.

  1. dougm

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    when i watch highlights from the msl ans wla, i can't help noticing that the wla barns just look more comfortable to play in and to watch a game at. excluding peterborough, the crowds look higher out west.
  2. laxboxgoalie

    laxboxgoalie New Member

    Out of the 7 barns in the WLA 6 great to play in and one horrible one in Maple Ridge. If Queens Park didn't have any history and the wood floor it would be a horrible place to play games as it a sauna in there and as fan I have have had a soaked shirt from sweat after watching games in New West and Maple Ridge is the same.

    Fan wise not sure how they compare to out East. Victoria draws great number just like Peterborough. Haven't been to New West in the last two year but when they were winning they were drawing somewhere around 1500 a game I would guess that most there games they have over 750 and closer to a 1000. Coquitlam gets around 750 per game. The rest of the teams in the league get somewhere between 300-500 per game.

    I have no idea how these numbers would stack to the teams back east. Wonder if the temperature could have something to do with getting people out in Ontario during the summer because not many people want to spend it at arena with no air conditioning. Looking at wiki for Toronto and Vancouver the Daily Mean in Toronto is the same as the Daily high in Vancouver. Wonder if that could play a part. As well there is lot more and better lacrosse being played in Ontario in BC at most there is 4 good JR A teams there always a couple more in Ontario as well as the Sr B league in Ontario has teams that are stacked with NLL talent just check out St. Catherines roster as they have as many NLL players as some WLA teams have.
  3. roadrunner

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    My favorite places to watch games out west are the Swamp, LEC, and QPA. It wouldn't be QPA if it was cool and didn't smell. Plus Shaggy is almost worth the price of admission alone. Haven't been to watch a Victoria home game but that barn looks like a great place to watch as well.
  4. RockStar

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    One problem with Ontario is that until, like, Jr. A finals / MSL semis, many laX people are tied up with other activities.

    Also, as mentioned, it's a tough sell to drag people into a sweatbox barn during our too-short and very hot/humid summer. This is changing - Peterborough, Nations, Oakville and I think K-W are air conditioned so not so bad. Brampton used to be among the priviledged, but, has moved back to Memorial, so old sweaty barn again.

    Brooklin gets downright sticky when it's full......
  5. wamper23

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    Well in the East Peterborough regularly draws 3,000 fans to every game. Probably more fans go to Peterborough than all the other teams combined. Cobourg had a great first season as far as attendance goes with most crowds up around 1,000 per game. This past season saw Brooklin Redmen crowds reaching maybe 600 for the playoffs and the end of the season. I hate to admit it but too many people still stay home to watch hockey as the NHL is in the playoffs.
    Six Nations I believe run around 300 or so. What I've seen in Brampton is your lucky if 100 fans show up but with a better team hopefully that will change. I believe the Oakville arena will only sit about 800 at the very most. What helped this past season was the competiveness of the top 4 teams, as anyone could knock of any other team on a given night.

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