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    Here's some info on tonight's draft:


    The Lakere have the first overall pick and will have their choice of Josh Byrne, Michael Messenger or Challen Rogers.
    The Bellies and Adanacs go next respectively are are expected to take the remaining two players. New West will then select 4th and will most likely select either James Rahe or Jordan Gilles leaving the Thunder to pick whomever the Bellies don't.

    Nanaimo rounds out the first round with 2 of their 10 picks on the top25 and look to be eyeing up Cole Shafer and well after the first six picks, this draft could go anywhere.

    Maple Ridge will have their first selection at #11 and the Shamrocks will make their first pick at #14.

    Webcast starts at 7pm live on-line.
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    hey Greenbastard, you are hooked in with the Stealth, what is going on with their D coaching situation ? Clay Richardson has been on the bench the last couple of games, have they made a switch from Sorrenson?
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    Sorensen has been moved to the assistant GM role and Clay has taken over the D.

    There's a thread in the Stealth forum with a link to their press release.

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