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Discussion in 'ILIndoor Forum' started by CLPLA 1971, Sep 16, 2015.

  1. CLPLA 1971

    CLPLA 1971 New Member

    Hello All ,
    I am new to the forum and have just completed and sold a number of restorations. Presently I have 5 frames left that are available for stringing. The frames are all players Mohawks made in Cornwall Ont. The overall length varies from 42-46 inches.
    Price for a refurb is $125-$150 depending on the state of the frame , gut wall etc.
    The frames I have are between 20-30 years old and are reworked to a usable state.

    Located in Burlington Ont , can ship to USA from zip 14303 , (shipping charges are not included in the pricing)
    If anyone is interested in Christmas Gift etc please reply to this thread or visit on facebook at Clarkson Lorne Park Lacrosse

    band.jpg blue 1.jpg boot.jpg goal 1.jpg wooodies%20sept%2015.jpg
  2. Vin

    Vin Well-Known Member

    "Woodie Restoration"? Isn't there a little blue pill for that now?
  3. Dave S-C

    Dave S-C Well-Known Member

    Really nice looking work but have to be frank that $125-$150 is a lot to be asking to re-string a woodstick. You can buy a brand new one for $200~$250 range.
  4. CLPLA 1971

    CLPLA 1971 New Member

    Hello Dave , The price detailed above includes me providing the frames as a portion of the rework, in most cases the gut walls need to be made and any splinters or cracks have to be repaired . I often get customer supplied sticks that are restored for much less $$ (time and materials dependent) My goal is to return the sticks to a usable or at least presentable state. To provide a scope for the work involved here are some before and afters on a few sticks. before goalie.jpg after goalie.jpg before 2.jpg after 2.jpg

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