Would you like to Take a Ride with the Rock?

Discussion in 'Toronto Rock Forum' started by RockPRGurl, Sep 17, 2004.

  1. RockPRGurl

    RockPRGurl New Member

    Coming this Fall, Rock fans will have the chance to combine 2 great Canadian sports experiences in 1 day: Grey Cup Football and Toronto Rock Lacrosse.

    Starting the week of September 27, 2004, the Rock will launch the "Take a Free Ride to Grey Cup with the Toronto Rock" promo. Rock fans will be able to take part in this exciting package by purchasing a ticket for only $199/person. The package includes your ticket to Grey Cup 2004 in Ottawa on Sunday November 21, 2004, shuttle bus to and from the train station in Ottawa, pre-game festivities at Frank Clair Staduim, and a round trip train ride on VIA RAIL Canada with the Toronto Rock players, coaching staff, dance team and staff.

    Keep your eyes on www.torontorock.com for more information in the coming weeks.
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  2. newlaxfan2

    newlaxfan2 New Member

    Sounds like fun!

    I think the date's wrong though...
  3. RockPRGurl

    RockPRGurl New Member


    Thanks for the heads up...it's been corrected in the original post.
  4. JareCanada

    JareCanada New Member

    Ohhh boyyyyy!

    This sounds like Funnnnnnnnnnn!

    RockPRGirl you are so cool, will you be my bestest buddy!;)

    Do you think we could get some Lisa's Beads on that train?

    Great work Lady...as usual you Rock...big huggs eh!!

    You know who I am!:p
  5. Rockman

    Rockman Active Member

    Sounds like fun and a pretty good price. The game is usually about $125 by itself. :)
  6. sslaxfan

    sslaxfan New Member

    Kevin and I are thinking about taking this trip. I don't care much about football but it sounds like fun and we've always wanted to go on a train trip. Are any of the usual suspects planning to go? Finn? Lori? Rockstar? Anyone? ...just curious!
  7. RockFinn

    RockFinn New Member

    Don't care much about football? Ok, how about the best damn four day party this country puts on every year?

    This years Grey Cup bash will be great, as they all are.

    Lori, RockEd and myself shall be in Ottawa. This will be my 15th straight year of Grey Cup debauchery or, ah..festivities.

    That train deal is a good deal. Our convoy leaves for the capital the Thursday morning before the game. That allows for the standard pickling of my liver for the big game on Sunday Nov 21st.

    RockFinn or until Nov 21st, the General of the Argoholics...
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  8. whipperrocks

    whipperrocks New Member

    Once I get more etails of the trip

    I plan on going..... Let's go Al's :drunk:
  9. RockStar

    RockStar Well-Known Member

    Depending on what happens south of the border, I might be in.......Grey Cup Sunday was proposed as a date for an NLL group to take in a Bills game.

    If that's fallen by the way-side, then I might be free to freeze my *** off in Ottawa as opposed to Buffalo.
  10. BigDave

    BigDave Active Member

    Hmmm....Grey Cup as opposed to the Bills?
    Know which one I would choose.
  11. RockStar

    RockStar Well-Known Member


    You would choose both, of course

    Since I wasn't planning on attending the Grey Cup in person anyway, I could do both........Bills game ends by about 4:00, which probably leaves up to 2 hours to find a TV that receives CBC! (Worst case scenario: "Mac, I'm hijacking your TV for a few hours. I'll buy beer!")

    If Averageguyx can't/doesn't get group tickets for the Nov. 21 home game, well, then I might just attend the Grey Cup in person. $200 for ticket + round trip transport is a steal!
  12. When does the train leave? Date/Time? When does it return? What type of seats do we get??
  13. BigDave

    BigDave Active Member

    Nope, the way the Bills are playin', I'd go Grey Cup. :p
  14. x-lax

    x-lax New Member

    Does anyone know more specifically when this offer will be coming out?
  15. terryhhh

    terryhhh New Member

  16. Can anybody please answer my question? When does the train leave? Date/Time? When does it return? What type of seats do we get??
  17. JareCanada

    JareCanada New Member

    Call the Rock office


    Just call the Rock office, they will tell you.

  18. Thanks Jare!
  19. RockOn

    RockOn New Member

    They announced today that The Tragically Hip will be the half time show.

  20. Since the ARGOS just won, I was wondering if there were any ticket/train packages still available?

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