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    First of all, you're an awesome player!

    I read that you don't wear socks when you play, which I guess is rather unusual for lacrosse players.

    I'm wondering what shoes you wear for games / practice and whether you rotate cleats or do special modifications to keep your feet and shoes happy.

    Also, what got you started playing without socks, do you recommend it, and what percentage of players in the college level / MLL do the same?
  2. Ryan Boyle

    Ryan Boyle Orlando Titans

    Thanks for the compliment- really appreciate it. Especially when it comes from that guy!

    I wear the issued shoes that I get from the team. The MLL and NLL have league wide sponsorships with New Balance and Reebok respectively so that's what I rock. Usually, each team has their own models with the appropriate colors, but occasionally Ill get a special pair. Depends on if the equipment manager or Alrich (Reebok rep) decides to take care of me. I'm not too fussy about the shoes anymore.

    I started not wearing socks for the same reason a lot of younger brothers do things- because my older brother did it and I thought I'd give it a try. I have gone back and forth with socks during my career and am currently in a stretch when I don't really care for them. That may change but doubtful.

    I did wear them in high school but then had an awful game, made the switch, and never looked back. When I got to Princeton, you were required to wear them so I did until I realized I didn't like their thickness. I tried taping the visible portion to my leg and liked the way my feet felt in my shoes. Coach T never said a word, hopefully because he didn't notice, so I kept up the habit.

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