Your lax habit is bad when....

Discussion in 'NLL News and Rumors' started by MacRazor, May 12, 2004.

  1. MacRazor

    MacRazor New Member spend more time with your lax family than your real family.

    ...your closet has more jerseys than dress shirts.

    ...your pets are named after teams or players travel to games where your team isn't playing. have more pregame rituals than most players do.

    ...there's something lacrosse in every room of your house. are renamed "roadtrips". send out lacrosse holiday cards

    Mac be needin' a job soon!:D
  2. shameshame

    shameshame New Member

    lol does it count if the family picture you send to the family at the holiday you and the wife in lacrosse jersey's???
  3. thwingfan

    thwingfan Active Member

    Guilty of all but #3 (naming pets). :eek:
  4. Haftalax

    Haftalax New Member

    Dude, I'm rolling that is too funny.

    Let's continue that list a bit to just see how "fan"atical we are: dog's name is Chugger

    ...I have friends named Bandit, MacRazor, Torrrock, Wings Fan in NY, Saintsdude

    ...I invited lacrosse players and their wives to our wedding and they all came

    ...we've had more lacrosse players over to the house for dinner than our families

    ...we plan vacations with our lacrosse family on an annual basis

    ...we drove to Buffalo to watch a Championship we weren't playing in just to "support" our friends. (even though I was rooting for Calgary)

    ...spend more on souvenirs, pre/post game parties, season tickets than my car payments

    ...paint our houses and mailboxes in team colors(right LadyHawk)

    ...determine availability around lacrosse games

    ...had more lacrosse family and players stay overnight than we can count anymore. :rotfl: (Mac, thanks for the couch by the way last weekend)

    Knabber da wouldn't change anything either
  5. gctales

    gctales New Member accidentally call your spouse the same name as you call your stick.

    When you can't wait for your next paycheck so you can buy more gear.

    When your lacrosse gear spends more time in the car than your (insert object here)

    When you sleep with your stick more than your spouse

    When you look in your closet and have to decide if the game you're going to is worth the "good" jersey

    When you have more than one "good" lacrosse jersey.

  6. trooper

    trooper New Member

    Your lax habit is bad when......responses

    My responses: spend more time with your lax family than your real family - have you met my real family???? If you did, then you would understand why I spend more time with my lax family. :rotfl:

    ...your closet has more jerseys than dress shirts. - well, why would you wear a dress shirt to a game? :confused:

    ...your pets are named after teams or players - not this one. My slum-lord won't allow pets. travel to games where your team isn't playing - ahhhh, yeah, so what's your point???? a game is a game is a game. have more pregame rituals than most players do - well if I listen to Eric Johnson, they'll loose, but if I listen to Alice in Chains on the way there and put Nickelback, Figured you Out on while driving into the parking lot, they win. . . . . .hmmmmmm.

    ...there's something lacrosse in every room of your house - thanks to my e-bay auctions and winnings, yes, there is. are renamed "roadtrips". OH HELL YEAH!!! send out lacrosse holiday cards - hmmm, good idea. I need to work on that one!

    Trooper does not feel like working today! Can anyone tell???? :rotfl:

    Trooper better motivate herself, or she'll be unemployed too!
  7. thwingfan

    thwingfan Active Member

    Re: Your lax habit is bad when......responses

    Can help you on the holiday cards, still have some extras. Got them through the Great Atlantic Lacrosse catalog.

    It's WAY too nice out today to be stuck in work.
  8. gctales

    gctales New Member

    When you know how many days it is to significant lacrosse events, but don't remember your wedding anniversary

    Yeah, it is a great day out there....

    Wishin the work day would end quick

    65 days to fann cup....

    ?? days to NCAA championships

    ?? days to MLL season

    ?? days to NLL season.
  9. swami24

    swami24 Well-Known Member

    ....when you three year (now 8) old's favorite athlete is a Lacrose player. Who, by five knew all of her team by their numbers on TV.

    ....when walking around the house, you and your spouse occasionally, randomly cross check each other.

    ...missed one home game in 15 years cause the spouse had the nerve to be in the hospital.

    ...made games twice when the day started in Orlando.

    ...the only Lax stick you've ever owned is a signed souvenier

    ..been to Pittsburgh. Ick
  10. thwingfan

    thwingfan Active Member

    Made it to a Wings game once in Baltimore on a day that started with me in Tampa, then Jacksonville and Charlotte before finally arriving in Charm City. All done on a couple hours sleep too.

    Have done many stupid things in order to go to a lax game and I have no regrets at all.
  11. mik

    mik New Member


    When your wife complains that you spend to much time, playing, coaching, thinking, spending on Lacrosse.

    My wife asked / scolded me into taking a year off coaching because I was spending more time with other peoples kids than my own and the oldest won't be able to start playing until next year, when I'll again be able to start coaching. I play every Monday, and looking at a pick-up on Thursday's, plus box time on the weekends, taking the three old now so that's a little more acceptable.

    Wondering if I can get a pick up game organized in Rochester, if I can get out there for my sisters wedding in September? Or get out there for a pick up game and sideline my sisters wedding?

    Collecting Lacrosse sticks.....Four and counting....need a Warrior and a Mohawk, to complete the vendor series. Mohawk is next on the list.
  12. KhawkCruisin

    KhawkCruisin Moderator

    ....You have a nicely framed picture of a Road Trip Beer Tub in the livingroom

    ....Your friends remember when the above picture was taken, and none of them live in town

    ....You plan your wedding around Lax Season, to include OLA, WLA, MLL and NLL

    ....Your wedding cake topper has two lacrosse sticks in your favorite teams colors! AND your wedding pictures have a formal picture of the wedding rings while holding a lax stick

    ....You ask how much was your head, what type of head you have, and where you got your head, and not think twice because it's a LAX thang, not a SEX thang

    ....You use chants such as XXX,XXX,XXX YOU SUCK in public not during lax season and not think twice about replying YOU SWALLOW

    ...It's not even a week after the current Lacrosse Championship game, and already your're counting down the days to the next season!

    ....You have more beads than Mardi Gras

    ....Your husband laughs at you because you won't wear the same jersey on a road trip because the last time, your team lost when you wore it!

    And finally......
    ....People don't recognize you without your Face Paint!
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  13. Haftalax

    Haftalax New Member

    here's proof

    ....every team in the Eastern Division is represented at your wedding


    If this isn't a lacrosse family, I don't know what is.

    Knabber da can't believe it's been 6 months already
  14. D.Mal #18

    D.Mal #18 New Member

    how about when you spend more on ONE jersey of your favorite player than you do on your formal wedding dress??

    - you husband warns his friends not to get to close or you might hip check him into next week... the friend doesn't listen and your husband just laughs as his friend tries to pick himself up off the floor
    -you wallpaper your cubicle with pics of your favorite player
    -you have more pics of your lax family in your wallet than your biological family
    -you convert a room in your house into a bedroom for your lax family to stay in
    -you use your paper clip holder as a display case for your autographed lacrosse ball
    -your co-workers go out of their way to get you a gift wrapped in your favorite team's colors
    -you stare out the window of your office for hours on end because the local lacrosse team practices there
    -you're considering going on a cross-country road trip because the start of the next season is too long for you to wait to see your favorite player
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  15. laxdad26

    laxdad26 New Member

    Re: When:

    Mik, see the PM I sent you. I'm in roughly the same boat as you but hell man, only FOUR sticks? Between my 7-year old and I we could outfit a full team, including goalie!
  16. MacRazor

    MacRazor New Member

    some more...

    ...US/Canadian customs officials know you by name.

    ...Post-postgame partys last longer than the game and the "official" PGP.

    ...freinds compliment you on the size of your beer-tub.

    ...parking lots look good for a quick game of pick-up. brag about which schools have the best walls for "wall-ball".

    ...crosschecking is a term of affection.

    ...facepaint is on your monthly shopping list.'ve modified a helmet to suit a pair of glasses.

    ...your kids freak out the neighbors while screaming during the game on TV.

    ...your kid "dyes" the yellow lab ORANGE! giggle at soccer moms

  17. KhawkCruisin

    KhawkCruisin Moderator

    One more

    .....You go to a Lax Party that is promoted on the Message Board and you are introduced with your real names and you have no clue who people are.....UNTIL they tell you their board name.

    ....You don't know peoples real names, only MB names

    D.Mal- Yeah, I forgot about that one. Very Good point.:rotfl:
  18. hawksfan

    hawksfan New Member

    You're a freak when...

    you plan your wedding around lacrosse. Make no mistake, it's not a coincidence that my nuptuals are this upcoming weekend!

    you wake up Saturday morning from your bachelorette party, cancel golf because you're too hungover, but then go to the computer to see if Calgary won the championship or not, and then go back to bed for 4 hours. For the record, it was made very clear to the girls that, if the Knighthawks were still in the playoffs, I may have had to cancel this night out.

    people are scared to go to a 2nd lacrosse game with you because you were way to loud at the first

    normal girls don't like to talk about sports with you because they know they are way out of their league

    your co-worker avoids you on Monday mornings after home games because he's one of those people that "likes to beat traffic" and he's sick of hearing how lame he is

    you have to take your engagement ring back to be resized because you've bent the hell out of it banging on the glass

    and lastly, you're a freak when you consider that Knighthawks season starts right after Giants season ends,
  19. Haftalax

    Haftalax New Member

    and it continues...

    ... Customs officials see your Krewhawks sticker on your window and want a couple for themselves and you give them some while sitting at the booth.

    ... You stop on I-81 North due to an accident ahead and pull out the lacrosse sticks only to have at least 20 other people around you do the same thing.

    ... Drive 4 - 5 hours for every home game. (right Hittrain?)

    ... Make sure your lacrosse stick is packed when you are mobilized to go to war. (my stick went with me to Desert Storm)

    ... recruit a professional to do your gameday face paint because he's a good luck charm

    ... have co-workers and clients that call just to find out what's happening in the local lacrosse scene that weekend (by the way Geneseo plays today at 4pm, Naz plays Sunday at 1pm)

    ... strain to find out the schedule so you can book the fan clubs roadtrips

    ... literally breakdown and cry from joy that your team finally won in Toronto

    ... proposed at halftime of a Roch vs. Buff game so all of your lacrosse family could be there

    ... check a lacrosse message board at least daily and many times more than once daily

    Knabber da that's about it for now, plenty to come I'm sure
  20. sslaxfan

    sslaxfan New Member

    ...when you drive 2 hours each way to go to a Junior B game on a Wednesday night and you don't know anyone playing...oops, better get going!:D

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