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Discussion in 'Calgary Roughnecks Forum' started by john w, Feb 1, 2018.

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    To ponder on a cold Thursday afternoon.....

    When the Calgary Flames acquired the Calgary Roughnecks; they acquired a championship caliber team for which it took only 4 seasons for this management team to effectively turn them into a mediocre .500 team. This sad deterioration continues as there's a strong probability that we will be 1 & 7 in two weeks time.

    With a degree of sarcasm - It seems our current strategy is to just finish one game above the pathetic Vancouver team and we're in the playoffs. That's like saying to the Calgary Flames Fan - its all good, if we finish 5 - 77 as long as those 5 wins are against the Oilers - absolutely lethargic .

    To compare how anemic this management team is - you just need to look at Saskatchewan. Similar to Calgary, they inherited a championship team and 3 years later, they remain an elite team and some would say - an even stronger team than what it was 3 years ago.

    SO, where am I going with this? It is not for me to judge one's capability - I only look at wins/losses. I believe its starts at the top and looking at this post from 2011, I believe its crystal clear where the problem lies.

    Post - 2011
    Can someone please explain to me how Mike Board is qualified for this position?

    Not trying to take a shot at him personally but I just want to know his qualifications to run a professional lacrosse team.

    This is from the presser Additionally, it was announced that Mike Board and Mike Moore have been named General Manager and Director of Business Operations respectively. Board played lacrosse in Brampton and Peterborough, finishing his competitive playing career in Junior A lacrosse with the Brampton Excelsiors before attending Ryerson University from 1979 to 1982 majoring in Journalism. Since moving to Calgary, he has been active in lacrosse in various capacities as a coach and manager including an assistant coach role with Team Alberta (Bantam) at the 2006 Nationals with current Roughnecks head coach Dave Pym. He originally joined the Flames organization in 2002 in the capacity of content manager for the Flames internet properties.

    Interesting decision on their part.

    It is time Mr. King to recognize that you need to step up and make the tough choice. It is time for your IT bantam GM to be replaced as well as the Coach(s). Stand up Mr. King, be that voice and stop being eerily silent when it comes to "your" team.
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  2. chuckster

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    1. Your analogy about the Flames and Oilers doesn't make sense because going 5-77 won't get you anywhere near the playoffs in a 31 team league. In a 4 team division where 3 of the teams make the playoffs? You bet.

    2. Bruce Urban owned the team in Edmonton and still owns it in Saskatoon. I don't remember if Urban was the GM before he hired Keenan in Edmonton 8 years ago but Keenan moved with the team when it moved from Edmonton to Saskatoon. IIRC, before Urban hired Keenan, Urban was getting ALOT of heat for how he was running the team......there were some really, really lean years early in Edmonton. Keenan has proven to be a shrewd GM with a great eye for talent.
  3. john w

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    I totally agree with your analogy of the NHL - I was however trying to use sarcasm to emphasis how low our expectations have become. Its a sad day in roughneck land when you hear people say about a 1-5 team (only win being against Vancouver) that we only need to beat Vancouver 3 more times and we should make the playoff's. That statement is probably true however its insulting to the fan base in that this is now the reality we live in.

    My message is simple. Ken King is the President and Chief Executive Officer for the Roughnecks. He and he alone is responsible for the hiring of M. Board and this management team - he and he alone is responsible for 3 losing seasons in a row - he and he alone is responsible for them missing the playoffs for the first time in 14 years - he and he alone is responsible for the current 1 & 5 record and most importantly he and he alone decides to remain silent.

    I'm just throwing it out there to stimulate conversation - feel free to tear apart...
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  4. New Fan

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    John w, totally agree with all your comments. Ken King doesn’t give a crap. They continue to have, on average, 10,000 fans, get all the gate and concessions while operating a team that doesn’t cost that much to run compared to the Flames or Stampeders. Mike Board is a figure head and likely doesn’t even pee without calling and getting the nod from Malawsky. He has zero balls to fire Malawsky.

    We can keep posting our thoughts, but just the few folks on this site are the only ones that care that a new coaching staff be hired.

    Would love to hear from all the Bandit fans on this board. Would they accept the status quo of this coaching staff with the record over the past 3+ seasons.
  5. MILLwasbetter

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    Would not accept it. Heck, we had a bad year last year and fans were calling for a change, a year after dominating the league and going to the finals. That's sports today though, which I don't agree with. Organizations need time to get a foundation and a plan in place, and show progress. However, in the case of the Necks, they had the foundation and winning tradition and have gone the wrong way. Half way through the second year I would have been calling for change. Watching a winning program deteriorate and knowing what needs to be done, but won't be done or isn't being done, is aggravating. As you said though, the bar doesn't need to be high, and that is the fault of the league and it's current format. No need whatsoever to have divisions in a 9 team league. Seed the playoffs 1-9. (Would like to see the NHL seed 1-16 as well)

    Keep in mind a majority of Bandit fans are also Bills/ Sabres fans, so we have a pretty good grasp of watching our teams make bad moves, watching them accept mediocrity, even celebrating it. But as long as the gates keep turning they don't get the message. Once the Roughnecks start selling you on nostalgia, be afraid. It's then that they know how bad things are, and that they will be for awhile, and they push the good old times down your throat.
  6. Gravedigger

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    From an outsider's perspective, the Roughnecks seem to actually be set up pretty well for the future. Do they have the warchest of assets that Saskatchewan and Georgia have amassed? No. But it's not like this is some bottom feeder with absolutely nothing going for them. The Necks have probably the best young goalie in the world (I don't count Ward as young anymore) in Christian Del Bianco, and two of the best young D/T guys in Currier and Bell. The offense has been inconsistent, mostly due to Dickson blindly trying to 1v9 all the time and take every shot every shift, but the talent is there with guys like Berg, Cattoni, Dobbie, Digby etc. They've also got 2 first round picks next year to plug some holes as well. Play around the organization's crown jewel in Del Bianco, make some smart draft picks, and find a way to get Dickson under control, and the Roughnecks will be contenders in no time.
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    Why's the turf in Calgary upside down?
  8. New Fan

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    Haven’t posted on this site for awhile as no matter the record nothing changes.

    Well, maybe the fact that the owners of the Roughnecks, Calgary Flames, might consider cleaning out both management and coaches for both teams.

    The NHL team Calgary Flames will miss the playoffs after a promising start. No playoffs equals no post season revenue. The Roughnecks 4 straight seasons of a losing record, missed playoffs last season and while will likely make the playoffs this year, no home date which equals no revenue.

    So the loyal Roughnecks and Flames fans have no post season games. Perfect time to clean house in both organizations. We can only wish.
  9. rigger1

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    I don't disagree that changes at the top might be needed... just wondering about the timing of any changes. This off-season will be a little different with the expansion draft to deal with??? I can see Malawsky being shown the door, but not Board too until after all the dealings taken care of... Probably nothing happening.. My two cents worth.
  10. New Fan

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    Hey rigger1 we both likely know there are zero changes happening. Heck we are officially in the playoffs after beating the JR Stealth last night. A winning .428% and we can lose the next 4 games and still be in the playoffs. :)

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